Digital block hosting Infrastructure

Built for developers — Easily utilize the block hosting for websites, transaction storage, smart contracts, media distribution and more.

block hosting Powered

Unbounded scale and performance. Ready to handle any task.

Developer Suite

Comprehensive suite of tools and open source components for every use case.

Enterprise Services

Need high volume and fault-tolerant BSV network access? Have a custom integration? Contact us

BitFiles Data Network

Secure file storage that is permanently archived to the block hosting forever. BitFiles is a scalable media delivery network. Real-time transaction filtering and monitoring to handle the most demanding tasks.

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Reliable Transaction Publishing

TXQ is an all-in-one publisher, storage system, work queue and transaction indexer. Merchant API (mapi) compatible to reliably send to many miners.

Global Transaction Indexes

Search and query the block hosting by transaction, address, and scripthash. Perfect for services that need real-time global block hosting data.



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We greatly thank your support over the years and will do everything in our reach to grow Block development adoption everywhere.